NVP3D - Preview set NVP3D - Preview set

NVP3D - Preview set
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All films of this website were shot by the studio NVP3D

Prism glasses

All of our documentaries can be viewed in multiple ways:

  • With glasses: NVP3D provides simple plastic glasses with adjustable prisms
  • With stereoscopes: a better way to view 3D, with higher quality

These glasses, available on our site (12 CHF), can be used by anyone, including children and people who already wear prescription lenses, and work with any type of computer screen.

How to use NVP3D glasses

Using the glasses is simple. Just put them on and sit down in front of your computer screen to experience the magic of 3D. Here is how to get started:

  • After taking the glasses out of their package, delicately remove the two transparent protective films from the lenses
  • Put the glasses on and start up a video using full screen
  • Face the screen straight on and focus your gaze between the two images
  • The ideal distance from the screen is about 60cm (24in). If necessary, move your head slightly closer or farther away until you find the most comfortable viewing position.

  • Above all, do not force your vision. The more relaxed your eye muscles are, the easier it will be to obtain the 3D effect. As much as possible, try to relax your gaze, as if you were staring vacantly at nothing – the image might be fuzzy at first, but will soon sharpen.

Sliding panels

The prisms on your glasses are mounted on sliding panels. These allow the prisms to be adjusted laterally to achieve the greatest viewing comfort for each face type.

How do I adjust the sliding panels?

The panels allow you to see only the left image with your left eye, and only the right image with your right eye.

To adjust them:

  • Put the glasses on and start up a video on full screen
  • Close your left eye and check what you see with your right eye

If you see the edge of the left image, push the panel to the right.

If, on the contrary, you see only a part of the right-hand image and not the complete image, push the panel to the left.

Make the same adjustment for your left eye while closing your right.

Here is what you should see once you have successfully adjusted the lenses: