NVP3D - Preview set NVP3D - Preview set

NVP3D - Preview set
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All films of this website were shot by the studio NVP3D

How to see 3D with the FreeD Multi-media Player

This monitor is a performant tool for viewing stereoscopically without glasses.

To help you use it, here is a brief step-by-step summary of of the user guide which is sold with the FreeD Multi-Media Player. The FreeD Multi-media Player will hereafter be called the "monitor".

1. Downloading a film or photo from freedvision.com

Choose what you want to see amongst the content available on the site.








2. Insert the SD card into your computer

  • Open the flap on the left side of the monitor
  • Extract the small flat SD card and insert into the card into your computer.
  • The SD card is the same as that used in most photo cameras. 






3. Copy the films / photos onto the SD card

Copy the items you have downloaded from  freedvision.com onto the SD card.

  • Copy the 3D videos into the folder 3DVIDEO on the SD card
  • Copy the 3D photos 3D into the folder 3DPHOTO on the SD card

After, eject the SD card from your computer

4. Reinsert the SD card into the monitor

Put the SD card back into its slot in the left side of the monitor and close the flap.

5. View films / photos

Turn on the monitor by pushing the button on the top and you will be able to view the downloaded 3D content. 

6. Further questions

Consult the Frequently Asked Questions section for further information.